High viscosity drum pump

With a high viscosity drum pump, you can empty drums, barrels, IBCs and other vessels containing pastes, creams, gels and other high viscosity products that do not flow.

The main difficulty with pastes and high viscosity products that do not flow is that the pump cannot be primed and simply cavitates. Cavitation means the pump is pumping air instead of product – not good!

How do you empty drums filled with viscous products?

We’ve seen customers using scoops or spades to manually empty drums. Others try to heat the drums to lower the fluid viscosity before pouring or pumping out of the drum. Either way, there’s lots of manual labour, wasted time and high probability of mess and wasted product.

The BestPump way to empty drums filled with viscous products

The ‘best’ solution is to use a pneumatic twin cylinder pressure priming system together with a pneumatic piston pump mounted on a follower plate.

Using compressed air pressure to force the follower plate and pump assembly down into the open-top drum or IBC, maintains a positive prime on the pump and ensures that the pump is constantly fed and does not cavitate and run dry.

As the product level falls, the sides of the drum are wiped clean by the follower plate on the priming system to result in maximum yield and negligible waste.

What if the drum has a plastic liner?

No problem, simply cut the bag, tuck it over the sides of the drum and proceed with pumping – the bag will stay in place.