Twin Screw Pump Feeder

Pump screw feeder for butter blocks
Pump Butter Blocks with a Screw Feeder

If you work with heavy ingredients that are in blocks, lumps, chunks or stiff paste form, we’d like to introduce you to the ‘BlockBuster’ twin screw pump feeder.

This is the ultimate hygienic pump feeder solution for pumping the ‘unpumpable’!

You may call it a butter reworker, a twin auger pump feeder, a fat plasticiser, a butter mincer, a shortening pump or something else but basically, our twin screw pump feeder is a convenient way of taking awkward heavy blocks or chunks and pumping them out in a soft, consistent, ready-to-mix, pliable condition – ideal for mixing.

How do you pump heavy, viscous products?

  • Is working with bulk heavy solids a major headache for you?
  • Are you risking injury by using knives to cut chilled blocks of hard fats or other ingredients?
  • Do your mixers fail as they struggle to break down tough ingredients that they were never designed to handle?
  • Are you wasting batches of product because of inconsistencies or lumps in the mix?
  • Is your factory wasting time, energy and space with temperature controlled tempering areas?

If you’re nodding your head in painful recognition, read on and watch the below video!

We’ve seen all of these production issues and more – that’s why we developed the ‘BlockBuster’, our heavy duty, twin screw pump feeder!

Blocks of shortening fat reworked and pumped by twin screw pump feeder


BlockBuster Features

  • Feed Conveyor
  • Stainless Steel Hopper
  • Stainless Steel Augers / Screws
  • Hygienic Positive Displacement Pump
  • Electronic Control System with Touchscreen HMI
  • Bespoke extrusion heads
  • Short run or long run Stainless Steel Pipework

BlockBuster Benefits

  • Automated loading of product
  • Safe containment of heavy products
  • Safe and efficient breaking down of raw ingredients
  • Heavy duty pump performance with accurate batching
  • Easy to operate and intuitive interface
  • Eliminate lumps and inconsistencies
  • Operators bring mixing bowls to the machine for ‘on-tap’ product or the product can be discharged via pipework to a remote mixing bowl (or any other receiving vessel)

BlockBuster Advantages

  • Reduces manual labour / handling
  • Removes health and safety risks and concerns
  • Stops the need for tempering, cutting, melting and abusing mixers
  • No more wasted batches caused by unwanted lumps or chunks in the mixer
  • Select from a pre-programmed menu to suit your recipes or manually enter the batch size to discharge the required weight of product on demand
  • Interchange extruder heads to vary textures, shapes and sizes of discharged product
  • Discharge at the machine into mobile mixing bowls or pump to a remote mixer via pipework

Twin Screw Pump Feeder Applications

  • 12½ kg & 25 kg Chilled butter blocks
  • 12½ kg & 25 kg Margarine blocks & cubes
  • 12½ kg & 25 kg Shortening blocks & cubes
  • 25 kg lumps of fig paste