Rework pump and screw feeder system for blocks of shortening fat

Shortening being pumped and extruded

BestPump exported their latest BlockBuster twin auger pump feeder system to North Carolina, USA this week.

Designed to handle a maximum flow rate of 140 kg per minute, this was a unit that required a 4 inch rectangular inlet circumferential piston pump and was actually our highest flow rate on a solid fat system to date.

Our customer required a method of taking 22½ kg (50 lb) blocks of solid shortening and reworking the fat.

BestPump supplied a system with a 4 metre (13ft) food grade conveyor that delivered the blocks to a twin auger chamber. The stainless steel screws (augers) demolished the shortening blocks and fed the pump. The pump then discharged consistent, lump-free plasticised shortening into a mixer via 12 metres (40 ft) of 6 inch diameter stainless steel pipework.

Shortening Rework Pump Project Photos

Shortening Rework Pump Project Video